Market research in Zambia

Fieldwork Africa is a leading market research company in Gabon. We have conducted multiple market research projects in Gabon helping our client gain insights into Gabon's marketplace. We conduct quantitative and qualitative fieldwork throughout Gabon, covering both urban and rural areas. We are experts in fieldwork with over 5 years of experience and we provide fast, versatile, and reliable fieldwork with outstanding client service in Gabon.

In recent years, Fieldwork Africa has carried out the largest opinion polls in Gabon speaking to over 20,000 respondents. We also have extensive experience conducting qualitative focus group discussions in Gabon.

We provide quality data collection and expert field management in Gabon using our dedicated team based in Libreville and Franceville. We have carefully vetted and established field partners with market research capabilities all over Gabon.

Our aim is to be your trusted partner, committed to providing you with the very best quality basic component of market research in Gabon.

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About us
Fieldwork Africa is a field-based Market research company. With a Network of Field experts across 22 countries in Africa and well spread across all regions in each country, giving us the capability to conduct pan-country study in most countries in Africa. Our focus is to take your field worries and hand you the data in tabular form for Quantitative research and Transcripts for Qualitative research.
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with accurate data and quick turn-around at competitive market rates.

Our Vision
To be internationally recognized as a swift, transparent and affordable quality market research provider that enables our clients to make strategic business decision and improves the lives of consumer.
Research Specialisations
Market Sectors Research Solutions Research Services
Technology Consumer Research In-depth interviews
Health Social Research CAPI
Telecommunications Opinion Polling Online Focus Groups
Durables / Electrical Goods Brand Research Focus Groups/ Mini Groups
Beverages Retail Audit CATI
Detergents Ethnographic Research Mystery shoppers
Foods / Nutrition Concept Testing Recruiting
Cosmetics / Hygiene Syndicated Research PAPI
IT / Software / Hardware Sales Tracking  
Public Sector / Government Media Research  
Travel / Tourism New Product Study  
  Advertisement Research  
  Consumer Panel  
  Online Panel  
We’re passionate about your market research project We believe our commitment to client service is what sets Fieldwork Africa apart from other fieldwork agencies.

Our project managers are extremely flexible and responsive in meeting all your market research needs.

A field and data collection company operating in more than 20 countries in Africa. We have a high fieldwork standard, recruitment procedure, and quality control measure that are unique and pace-setting which enables client to improve the lives of consumers in Africa


Family Planning
Media Research
Opinion Poll
Social Impact Evaluation and Monitoring
Ad Evaluation
Consumer Segmentation and Experience
Consumer Product and Concept Test
Customer Satisfaction Measurement